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Why use a finance broker rather than my normal bank?

A finance broker can provide a range of products from different lenders and banks. The bank can only provide their own product which might not be the best option available , be more cumbersome to obtain approval or even worse, not able to assist you at all. Using a finance broker, you have more choices of finding the most suitable product for you and getting that approval through with minimal fuss!

Why would I use a finance broker rather than a car dealer?

Having a finance broker on your side when purchasing a car will make the car purchase experience easier. All you need to concentrate on is getting the car at the right price. The dealer will often try to combine the sale and finance together which may not be the best option for you as they often only have one lender to choose from. Your finance broker can get a pre-approval which allows you to freely look at cars from various suppliers giving you that winning hand to get the best deal. The finance broker is also there for the long haul and readily available to assist you with queries even after you have taken delivery of your new set of wheels.

What is Regent Finance’s point of difference?

Regent Finance has been in business for 30+ years and will be with you on your journey through the borrowing process. You will be able to leverage from all our knowledge and connections to get you the loan that best suits your circumstances.

Can I make extra repayments?

With fixed rate loans the ability to make additional repayments is limited. Nearly all car loans are fixed rate which gives you certainty regarding your repayments for the period of the loan. You can finalise the loan early by paying the payout figure of the loan which will rebate a portion of the interest balance at that time.

Can I apply for a loan even though I have not decided on what vehicle I want?

Yes, we can base the approval on your preferred purchase price and a vehicle you are considering. If the vehicle you end up choosing is different, we can alter the approval. We recommend this process as it will reduce the time between finding your desired vehicle and taking delivery of it. It will give you buyers confidence as sometimes un-expected variables may arise in the application process that delay or complicate approvals.

Can I get a loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, in some situations we may be able to get you a loan with bad credit as we have lenders on our panel whom specialise in this area.

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